Tuesday, March 2, 2021 2020 Best Employer of the year in Slovakia is UNIQA GSC (interview) This is an interview with Thomas Brustbauer Managing Director at UNIQA Group Service Center Slovakia spol. s. r. o. that is talking about UNIQA being awarded by Profesia as the best employer of the year 2020. Watch here Go […]


Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021 BSCF in 2021 Today we interview Gabriel Galgoci (BSCF chair), Martin Bednar (BSCF vice-chair), and Ivan Tomko (BSCF vice-chair): our new BSCF leadership for 2021 and together with Peter Rusinak we talk about the BSCF situation in the industry today and moving forward in 2021.Watch this interview to learn more and […]


Monday, Feb 15, 2021 The business service sector shows resiliency to pandemic crisis Read a quick article in Slovak Spectator about the current situation in the Business service sector. See article here Go back *This photo is illustrative Share this article Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin The Business Service Center Forum […]


Monday, Feb 08, 2021 Salaries in Slovakia are growing faster than expected Read below attached article from magazine Trend about salaries trend in Slovakia in Automotive industry and also in Business Service Centers industry. See article here See the full Automoto_BSC PDF file Go back *This photo is illustrative Share this article Share on facebook […]


Thursday, Feb 04, 2021 A favorable business environment creates competitive business centers The Slovak Spectator published in late January an annual special focus on shared services in Slovakia. With courtesy of the publisher, enjoy the overview of the sector at the beginning of 2021. See the full TSS-BSCs PDF file Go back *This photo is […]


Sunday, Jan 10, 2021 We continue to work from home. Though it also has a dark side Gabriel Galgóci, AmCham BSCF chairman, spoke on TA3 about implications of the continuous home office as the general Covid-19 situation in Slovakia is declining at the beginning of 2021. More details Go back Share this article Share on […]


Monday, Dec 14, 2020 New BSCF leadership elected Last week BSCF leadership election took place digitally via email. Every BSCF member company had a right to vote with one (1) voting ballot – there was one ballot per BSCF member company. 20 member companies (out of 31 current member companies) used the opportunity and voted. […]


Monday, Nov 30, 2020 Interview with Talent Acquisition Sr. Manager from Dell Technologies The last post of Dell Technologies month4u initiative is an interview with Talent Acquisition Sr. Manager David Kahanek. We have discussed how the current situation is affecting hiring, onboarding, and HR activities in Dell Technologies. See the video on our YouTube channel […]


Monday, Nov 23, 2020 BSCF Awards During our conference this year we also took time to announce some awards, this is the follow-up video when we met Matus Mericko, Tatiana Hargašová, and Jana Gajdošíková to celebrate with them their success. Another occasion to say Thank you for all they’ve done. Join us in congratulating and […]


Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020 BSCs industry articles in Trend newsreel Last week the BSCs community appeared in the news. See below articles about the BSCs industry, BSCF, and working in the current situation. PDF view see bellow: Article 1 Article 2 Article 3 Go back *This photo is illustrative Share this article Share […]